Name: Brian Davis

Species: Raccoon

Sex: Male

Eyes: Red

Hair: Light grey/brown

Fur: Light grey/brown

Weight: 155 lbs

Height: 5’7”

Likes: Nicholas, dancing, video games, Macs

Dislikes: Spiders, deep water, people touching his tail

History: Brian led a pretty normal life until being kicked out of his parent’s house when he was 16, after he told them he was gay. After spending a year living with an aunt (who also disapproved of his sexuality but was more tolerant) he got a job at a local video game store and moved out on his own with a couple of friends. He got into video games and computers about the time he turned 20, and finished his high school education via an internet service. His online activities led him to a personals chatroom, where he started talking to someone with the screen name "NB_Mouse". After a few times chatting, the two learned that they lived not too far away from each other, and decided to meet up. NB_Mouse’s real name is Nicholas Bryar, and the two hit it off fairly quickly, becoming friends and eventually lovers. The two got an apartment together soon afterwards and are still together.

Personality: Brian is a bit cynical for his age, mostly due to his family’s reactions to his sexuality. He often hides his true feelings behind snide remarks about things like movies and politics, trying to come off as if he doesn’t care. Deep down, however, he’s very kind and caring, but only to those that have earned his trust. He’s a perfect balance to Nick’s outwardly playful nature, normally very calm and collected. Brian sometimes seems exasperated with Nick’s playfulness, but he secretly envies the mouse his openness, and does love him very deeply. Nick is perhaps the only person that gets to see his tender side, being the first person to ever truly earn Brian’s love and trust.