Name: Foxelia Anne Vixen

Species: Red Fox

Sex: Female           

Eyes: Brown 

Hair: Dark Red

Fur: Orange-red on body, white on muzzle, chest, belly and crotch

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 145 lbs.

Likes: Jake, Felice, chocolate chip ice cream             

Dislikes: Bugs, Gary, really hot days

History: Foxelia grew up as a tomboy. She was always very active physically, participating in sports and the like, until her father told her she should behave more lady-like when she was 12, like her sister Amy. Foxy didn’t like it, but she backed off, and throughout her teenage years slowly became more feminine, though she still exercised regularly, keeping her well developing body in shape. When her mother died, Foxelia took care of her sister since their father worked late. She spent most of her life having to be someone else for her family, never really getting the opportunity to be herself until she was 19, when she entered the Academy.

            At the Academy, she was able to be more herself, an active young woman. She’d never had a boyfriend before, and while at the Academy, she met a young fox named Gary. He asked her out, and she accepted, and they seemed to be getting along until the third date, when he started pressuring her to sleep with him. Foxelia told him she wasn’t ready for that yet, but he became more insistent until Foxy told him that they were through and left. Gary still confronted her occasionally, insisting that she made a mistake in giving him up. She’s not fond of him very much anymore.

Her roommate at the Academy was a young cat named Felice. The two became friends quickly, with Felice adopting a bit of a “big sister” attachment to the young vixen. Foxy was still a bit naive about a lot of things, and Felice made it a point to look out for her. Then, one day, Foxy’s life changed forever.

While on her way to a class, she was quite literally run into by a young rat that seemed in a very big hurry. She had been in a rather bad mood, having just encountered Gary again, and fully intended to give the rat a full chewing out. When she saw his face, though, something seemed to click. He had a very sad, apologetic look on his face, and she was immediately struck by the look in his eyes: Sad, lonely. He was busy apologizing and gathering up her things for her, when she stopped him and told him it was okay. She asked his name, and her nervously stammered out that he was Jake Fliers. She introduced herself, and after another apology, he rushed off to the class he was late for. That night, she couldn’t stop thinking about Jake, especially the look in his eyes.

She went out of her way to find him again, waiting for him to get out of a flight simulation he was taking. He seemed surprised to see her waiting for him, and she walked to her next class with him beside her. She noticed how much he changed as they talked: He seemed to lighten up, become more open and friendly than when he first emerged from the class. Finally, as they reached her next class, he nervously asked her if maybe she wanted to see him again. She was hoping he’d ask, and she happily told him that she’d love to. The look in his eyes was priceless to her, and as he walked away, Foxy felt herself falling for him, hard.

The two went out a few times, becoming very close. When Jake saved her from an attack by Gary in her dorm, she stayed the night with Jake at his apartment, not wanting to stay in her dorm that night despite Gary being arrested for assault and attempted rape. When they arrived at his apartment, they talked for awhile about their budding relationship, and Jake told her he had lost himself to her. She told him the same, and that night they made love for the first time (and spent the next 3 days there doing little else). They’ve been together ever since, having realized early on that they were meant for each other.

Personality: Foxelia is very loving and kind, but that is tempered by her ability to be deadly serious if she has to. She’s very good at tactical strategies in a combat situation, as well as an expert marksman. She loves Jake more than anything, and can sometimes be slightly jealous of other women that pay a lot of attention to him (she knows he’s faithful, however, and never gets angry at him). She’s easy to make friends and is every bit as happy and fun as she is serious when on a mission.

Her kind nature is part of what led to her falling for Jake. She saw something about him that struck her as sad, and wanted to help him. Not that she felt sorry for him, it was more her compassion that led to her falling in love with him, and she’s since discovered that she can’t imagine life without him. They rarely fight, and when they do it’s usually nothing overly serious and they make up quickly. Foxy does sometimes wonder if they’ll ever have children, and Jake seems reluctant to discuss the issue. Other than these few minor gripes, she’s very happy with Jake.