Name: Jake Fliers

Species: Rat

Sex: Male 

Eyes: Brown 

Hair: (head fur) Brown 

Fur: Brown on body, tan-brown on muzzle, chest, belly and crotch 

Height: 6’3” 

Weight: 205 lbs

Likes: Foxelia, sleeping in late, flying 

Dislikes: Ice in his drinks, pickles, being alone

History: Jake grew up as a ward of the state. Never knowing his parents, he spent a lot of time in either foster homes or orphanages until he was 16, when he took the opportunity to join a study program with the Academy. He’d always received good marks from his teachers in school (mainly because he had little else to do but throw himself into his work), and the Academy accepted him. He quickly came to realize he had a natural gift for flying aircraft, and was put into the pilot’s training program.

One morning 3 years later, he overslept and was late for class, and while running down a hallway to his class, ran headlong into a young vixen as he rounded a corner. He stammered and apologized profusely, picking her things up as he did so, but when he looked at her face he stopped for a second. She looked about to berate him, but when their eyes met he saw hers soften almost instantly. He finished gathering her scattered things and handed them back to her, and she asked him his name. 

At first he couldn’t reply and stuttered, until finally he blurted his name out. She told him her name, Foxelia Vixen. He apologized again and hurried on to class, looking back over his shoulder at her as he did so and bumping into a few more people, though not as violently. He could barely concentrate on his class, and hardly even noticed his instructor’s admonishment for being late. That night he couldn’t sleep, lying awake with images of Foxelia in his mind, especially her eyes, and the look they’d gotten when they had met his own eyes.

A few days later he was shocked when he emerged from a flight simulation to find her waiting for him. He was nervous at first, but while walking her to her next class, he felt his nervousness dissipate and started to open up a bit to her, something he wasn’t used to doing. He worked up the nerve to ask her out, and when she accepted he felt like floating away. They saw each other several times over the course of the next few weeks, growing extremely close.

One night, he left her dorm after dropping her off at the door and was halfway home when he realized he’d forgotten a textbook on her desk earlier that day. He came back to pick it up and found her ex-boyfriend Gary there, attacking her. Jake flew into a rage and attacked Gary, beating him unconscious, and Foxy had to pull him off of the fox. After the Academy security officers took Gary away, Foxy didn’t want to stay in the dorm, especially with Felice gone for the week. She asked Jake if she could stay at his apartment, and Jake saw the look in her eyes, understanding it immediately. After they got to his place, they sat on his couch and talked for a while about their relationship and how they felt for each other. Jake told her that he never wanted to lose her, and she told him the same. That night they made love for the first time, and for the next three days didn’t leave his apartment, making love and doing little else. Since, they have both graduated and gone on to become one of the most highly ranked teams of Agents in the Academy’s history.

Personality: Due to his abandonment as an infant, Jake grew up trusting few people. As a result of this, he also spent a lot of time alone, never liking it. He hates to be alone, and spent most of his young life lonely and withdrawn. When he met Foxelia, she was the only person to ever show Jake kindness. Her concern and subsequent compassion for him eventually led to his actually coming to love her (even though there was something of that even from the beginning, more likely it was hormonal more than it was emotional). He fell in love with her because she was the only person he ever felt he could trust with his heart, and has never regretted meeting her. He secretly feels that he’s undeserving of Foxelia’s love, however, and sometimes feels she’d be better off with someone else (although he’d never tell her this).

They rarely fight, and when they do it’s over quickly. The only area they really have problems is concerning children. She’ll ask him sometimes if he has any idea why they haven’t conceived any yet, and Jake normally dodges the subject. He feels it’s probably his fault, and doesn’t want to find out for certain (not from a male pride standpoint, more that it’ll reinforce his feeling that Foxy deserves better than him). He also feels like he couldn’t handle the responsibility of raising a child. Sometimes this will lead to arguments, sometimes not. However, it’s still a sore point for Jake, and a subject he’d just as soon avoid.

Though he was never dedicated enough to become a full pilot with the Academy (doing so would have taken him away from Foxelia, and he wasn’t about to do that), he does enjoy casual flying and wants to one day own his own plane.