Name: Nicolas Bryar

Species: Mouse

Sex: Male

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Blond

Fur: Light gray

Height: 5í3

Weight: 118 lbs.

Likes: Programming, video games, science fiction movies

Dislikes: Loud people, tightly closed spaces, people looking over his shoulder when heís working

History: Nicolas dreamed of being a big-time game programmer before he discovered how fun hacking was. After his parents convinced him to join the academy, he found that hacking the school computers to fix his grades and have fun with the administrators was far more entertaining than coding games. When he was caught re-coding the academyís mainframe computer, the administrators realized that he was a truly gifted computer programmer and set him towards creating and debugging military computer programs for the academy in exchange for not sending him to prison. He enjoys the work and (usually) keeps his playful nature in check, if only because heís happy the academy recognized his superior skills with computers. The boost to his ego and self-esteem counterbalanced other problems he has in his more private life.

Personality: A playful sort, Nick enjoys himself overall and has fun with his work. The only area he has real problems is people. Heís somewhat anti-social, preferring to spend time with computers rather than people. Heís put up with a lot of prejudice in his life concerning his sexual orientation, being gay, and has yet to have entered a serious relationship with anyone. As a result of this, he secretly has a sense of self-loathing and self esteem problems, and in fact his outwardly playful nature is an attempt to hide those feelings, and perhaps bury them.

Notes: When Jake Fliers helps him fight off some bullies, he takes an immediate liking to Jake, even developing a crush on him. The fact that Jake is not only straight, but also already spoken for, is a source of pain for him. He hasnít yet learned to cope with this and sometimes his feelings get in the way of his friendship with both Jake and Foxelia.

UPDATE: Nick has since found Brian, and now he and Jake and Foxelia are good friends.