This is where I put all the pics that don't fit into any of the other catagories. Mostly it's going to be my fan art of various games, comics and anime that I like.

Galvatron, from Transformers. I'm mad at myself concerning this picture because apparantly I lost the original Photoshop file, and now all I have left is this jpg.
Soundwave. I drew this as a birthday present for a friend, who now has the original artwork.
Ooooooold pic, from around 98 or so. I still like it though, it's one of my few old pics that still looks pretty decent in my eyes.
Alex, from Street Fighter III. He's awsome, like the best parts of Guile and Zangief rolled into one hulking bruiser of a character. You can't escape, you know.
Grimlock smashing some generic Decepticon while shrugging off laser fire. I need to color this at some point.
Starscream, everyone's favorite loveable backstabbing schemer. This is the first picture I inked in Illustrator, which is why it looks so nice and crisp.
Iori Yagami from SNK's King of Fighters series. He's a total badass, and has a wonderful character design.
Leonardo, from the thankfully revived Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics/movies/toys/cartoons. One of the colored versions of this I'm doing, the other is going to be done in a different style and have a different background.
  Don Karnage, from the best Disney TV series ever, Tailspin. I loved the show as a kid, and will still watch it if I catch reruns of it. Karnage was the best character on the show: He had style, a great design, well developed personality and a fantastic voice (provided by Jim Cummings).
Color version of the Starscream pic. The background really sucks : P