Jake, looking very irritated and holding a very nasty looking gun.
This picture was a result of a conversation with a friend on ICQ one night. He was feeling down, then we got to talking about furries and fireworks, so I whipped this picture up for him to cheer him up.
Foxelia hears the news that her father has just died. The last time she'd seen him they'd left angry at each other. I try to put some kind of emotion into all of my pictures, this was obviously no exception.
Jake, just waking up and yawning. I was very happy with this one, everything seemed to work out nicely: Mood, anatomy, pose, proportion...one of my best, IMO.
Cynthia and her boyfriend Alen playing some Dreamcast game (Marvel vs. Capcom 2, probably, or maybe SFIII: 3rd Strike) Looks like she just won a match, to Alen's surprise.
  First picture I drew in my new sketchbook, at Anthrocon 2001, actually. I was sitting in Artist's Alley between Colin Crisanti and Jessica Willard. I miss the con scene, it's so artistically energizing. Anyway, I'm not happy with the hips in this one (too narrow : P) but the face looks good. 
  Cute picture with Foxelia giving Jake a friendly lick on the cheek.
Jake defending Foxelia from some unseen danger. I really should get back into writing stories with these two instead of just drawing pictures of them.
Captain Belguarde, who I don't draw anymore. I'll bring him back in the new comic story idea I have. I remember it took me 6 months of designing to find an armor design I was happy with.
Jake, sitting under a tree, looking contemplative. Older pic, but still one of my best I think.