Color version of this picture. I recently got a Wacom tablet, and as such wanted to play around with different coloring styles. This was the result, along with the monochrome version below. It's an interesting technique, I'll likely be using it again in the future.
The monochrome version. I did this first, then painted the colors on top of this on seperate layers that were set to "Color" mode, which made the flat colors take on the different shades that the monochrome layer had. 
Nick and his new boyfriend Brian, in a cute moment. 
Just a practice pic of Jake, in the design I'm using for him in my comic idea. I'm not sure if I'll ever have time to finish the comic, though...
Color version. I did the background entirely in Photoshop, I'm rather happy with it.
My Anthrocon 2003 conbadge artwork. It's a parody image of a scene from Giant Robo, which is the best anime ever.
Another of these two. Just Nick giving Brian a quick kiss on the cheek. Shut up, it's cute dammit!
Wow...this is 4 years old, and I finished coloring it finally. I've got to get a better work ethic where my art is concerned.
Anyway, just Jake, waking up and stretching. Despite how old the lineart is, I'm really happy with it still: The anatomy is still very good, and drawing someone yawning is really hard to do and have it look like they're yawning and not screaming or something.
Nick, looking ever so hip with his iPod. Not even remotely influenced by those iPod ad parodies, I just felt like drawing him like this (partially because even though I made him to be somewhat of a computer geek, I never seem to draw him doing anything close to geeky...)