7/01/04 More new pics in Furry 4 and Other pages.

4/13/04  Good god, almost a year since I updated this site. I really need to be more prolific with my site. I'm working on a total site redesign right now, but it's hard telling when I'll actually finish it. Anyway, got a few new pics in the Furry 4 and Other pages.

5/30/03 Added a few new pics to Furry 4 and to Other. I really need to update my site more often : P

1/26/03 Added color versions of a pic and a new gallery page, Furry 4

12/12/02 Added more pics to the furry galleries. New picture of my furself on the main page reflecting my new fursona. Also, the site is now on a new server and I have my own domain name.

5/20/02 Added a new pic to the furry gallery 3 page. 

4/6/02 Added pic to the furry gallery 3 page, and edited some of the text descriptions. 

2/5/02 Totally redesigned and overhauled the page, hopefully it looks much better now as well as loading faster. Also, the Human gallery has been renamed "Other" because I was putting some of my Transformers art there. Also added several new pics to the Furry 3 gallery.

06/27/01 Slight change to the welcome text, nothing major. Added a new pic to furry gallery page 3, something major.

02/9/01 Added a lot of stuff, including a new pic in the Human gallery (that's not human, but oh well), a whole new gallery page (the Gift art gallery).

01/20/01 Added pic to the furry gallery page 3.

12/15/00 Added my new Hotmail address to the page, and put up the only holiday themed picture I have on the main page.

11/15/00 Finished the Character Profiles for Jake and Foxelia.

9/29/00 Added What's New and Commission Info pages.